Hire Terms

Please read the follwing before purchasing your hire. You will be required to confirm you have read the hire info before you can proceed with your purchase. Please note, hire terms are subject to change. Thank you!


A liability waiver will be physically presented to you on the day the hire commences, once we arrive. You will be required to read through this and sign it. If you would like to view this before we arrive, you can email info@inflatablepartyhub.co.nz and we will email a copy to you.


A bond of $200 is required on the day of setup of your event or $100 if you are hiring just the party items from us.
- Bonds are held until the day of pick up or drop off of hire items. We will inspect the items and if there is no damage, bond payment will be released immediately. Any damage, lost or stolen items, we reserve the right to invoice which the hirer is payable for. Please keep the smoke machine and bubble machine out of reach of children as these emit heat.

Cancellations and change of mind

If you cancel or change your mind up to 2 weeks before your event, a 50% cancellation fee will be deducted before we issue a refund.If you cancel within 1 week of booking - NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please make sure you understand this before booking.
- Any cancellations or change of minds that are done outside of this time-frame, we issue a refund minus deposit (If paid via payment plan) and/or 15% admin fee 


Please note, if paying by the "Payment Plan" option, the $50 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have any other questions surrounding our payment plan option, please let us know. 



$50 deposit required for any LED FURNITURE or party hire equipment. This goes towards your balance. NO BOND REQUIRED. However, any damage, lost, stolen or mistreatment of our equipment, we reserve the right to invoice the hirer of the costs of either fixing or replacing of equipment item/s.


Delivery and Set Up Outside of Auckland

Pricing of our Inflatables include set up and delivery within Auckland. Please note, that if you are based outside of Auckland, you will be charged a travel fee. Depending on where you are based, we calculate this cost after you have booked OR contact us and we are more than happy to let you know what this is before booking!

PLEASE NOTE FOR OUT OF AUCKLAND BOOKINGS: Due to the nature of our business and the travel costs and time it takes for us to organise for bookings out of Auckland, please let our teams know asap if you dont want to go ahead with your booking for whatever reason. Cancellations and change of mind criteria still applies.



Please make sure your area is clean and clear of any garden furniture etc. 

Our team need clear access to setup. Please bear in mind some the of the eqiupment we handle are oversized so our team require a clear access way to transport items from our vehicle to your setup area.

We need access to electricity and will need at least 1m clearance around the hubs.

Please have animals tied up at all times, even during your hire period. Any damage or cleaning required that has been inflicted from animals will incur an extra cleaning fee.

It takes us approx. 45 mins to 1.5 hours to set up. For our All White Partyhouse setups, please allow at least 1.5 hours.

Our team will go over with you saftey issues etc regarding your set up.



Before booking our Party Tents, please consider the following:

- Measurements of our Inflatables are noted down on our website. Please allow some extra space outside these measurements.
- Surface: We need a flat area to setup on, these hubs cannot be setup on sloped areas. If the surface is slighty uneven, please let us know. Tarpaulin floors can be setup inside the inflatable.
** We WILL NOT setup in muddy areas at all. NO EXCEPTIONS.
If grass area is dry then that is ok 👍
- Please do not enter the Inflatable during setup. Our team need to saftey check everything and can be tricky if guests are in the area of setup.
- No smoking, naked flames or cooking inside any of our Party Tents                                                                                                                                   - No sharp objects to be inside or near our party tents to prevent puncturing

DURING SUMMER AND WARMER SEASON: Our Inflatables do get warm inside during this season. Please be mindful when booking and wanting an early setup. All of our Party tents have adequate ventilation through the doors and windows. Clients are able to place a fan or Air Conditioner inside.


We require atleast one responisble adult to oversee our equipment whilst being hired. This is to make sure items are not damaged and also to remind those to steer clear of the airtight walls that surround the hub. 


Inclement Weather - PLEASE READ:

Our tents are drizzle proof only - they are not weather proof!.
Automatic cancellations will occur if bad weather (rain and windy) persists on the day of your event if its outside.
So what happens to my booking if needing to cancel due to bad weather?
We can reschedule your booking, offer you a credit note or suggest a wet weather option which is hiring of our LED furniture, lights, smoke machine and any addons that amount to the total of your booking. If you have booked the ULTIMATE BACKYARD NIGHT CLUB EXPERIENCE package, we can still go ahead with booking as per normal minus the inflatable hub and will refund you the difference.
Wet weather options can be set up inside a hall, home, garage or we can provide you with our 3m x 6m black out Party gazebo. If nothing suits you, we can refund you minus the $50 non-refundable deposit. 
- Bookings will go ahead regardless if it is inside a hall etc.
- We will notify you at least 12 hours before your event if the weather is meant to decline
- Our inflatable hubs are not weatherproof but can protect from light drizzles of rain. 


If you are hiring within a Public event space (Such as parks etc) please checl your local council if a permit is required for our Inflatable Hubs. For refernce, our Inflatable Hubs are considered "Temporary structures" and are well under 100sqm. We will not be liable for any fines that maybe given to the hirer if a permit is required for our hubs. 


Our inflatable party tents can be powered by a standard electricity source. If your set-up area is further than 30m from the closest power source, you will need to hire a generator yourself and this will need to be ready on site when we arrive. 


Collection of our hubs are usually between 7am and 9am. Any damage done to our inflatables, hire items and equipment, we reserve the right to invoice you for the items. We will take photos of the damage, and also send quotes from our suppliers that fix our equipment in which you will be 100% liable to pay for. If any particular item is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, we will invoice you the amount (with proof of what costs will be) in which it will need to be paid within 30 days. ANY UNPAID DAMAGE FEES THAT REMAIN WITH US AFTER THE 30 DAYS, we reserve the right to follow this through with a collection agency.  

SPA Hire Warning

It is your responsibility to supervise children and small animals if around the spa pool. Please use under extreme supervision at all times.

Please do not leave anyone vunerable in or around the spa pool.

Contact Us

All general enquiries should be directed to the email: info@inflatablepartyhub.co.nz