We Love To Party

Inflatable Partyhub Story

We are a family-run business based in Auckland with hopes to expand across New Zealand very soon!

What started as just researching to do something different for our children’s birthdays, turned into something big when we came across the Inflatables! We knew that inflatables weren’t just for kids so had the idea of Party Hubs where you can Rave, Dance, and Sing, whilst being amongst close friends and family and its like just like being in your very own nightclub but in your backyard.

Not only do we host private occasions, but we also do larger-scale events, with our Black Party Tent being a huge hit at the Deep, Hard and Funky Concert at Ellerslie Racecourse 2022.

If you’ve not yet seen one of the amazing Partyhubs yet, then check out our videos and pictures in our gallery below to see them in action!

We hope to host you very soon!

Much love and fun!!

The Inflatable Partyhub Team xx

Benefits of a Party Tent Hire

Perfect for garden or backyard parties and not as expensive as the popular party venues.

Great ventilation for summer parties – also provide high velocity fans with summer hire.

Spacious options for small as well as larger gatherings.